Thursday, October 14, 2010

Coaching 4 Innovation Performance Programme

These are the highlights in this 2-day programme:

Coaching for Innovation Performance

Organisations may use a number of interventions to improve the performance of individuals. These may include teaching, training, facilitation, mentoring, and counselling. Coaching is one of such interventions but its principles, approaches and techniques are distinctively more self-directed. People are
meaning making machines and tend to be derailed in their performance, In this module, participants will uncover the key elements of coaching to differentiate it from the more traditional forms of performance interventions. The importance of coaching for innovation is also shared here.

Neurology of Coaching for Innovation Performance

The principles, approaches and techniques of coaching for innovation performance are built around the workings of the brain; how it is attracted to ideas and how it creates insights and learning. In this module, participants learn how the brain makes sense of its surrounding and uses these inputs for insight and knowledge creation. Participants will also learn about the drivers (‘SCARF’ Model) behind this creation process.

Coaching for Innovation Performance Principles

There are 6 key principles in coaching for innovation performance. These principles guide the innovation coach towards creating a self-directed awareness and power for action into one’s own innovation performance. In this segment of the programme, participants will learn about these 6 principles. A series of exercises and activities will be introduced to help the participants gain a greater competency over these principles.

Language of Coaching for Innovation Performance

Like any other interventions used for improving innovation performance, coaching comes with its own unique of lingo and jargons. In this module, participants will learn the art of making coaching self-directed and empowering. They will learn about the levels (‘Choosing Your Focus’ Model) of the coaching conversation, language of coaching, and the importance of clarity of distance, listening for potential and speaking with intent.

Processes of Coaching for Innovation Performance

Coaching is a structured process and this process provides the coach the framework to guide his innovators and innovation teams from awareness to reflection and from this to insights and actions (‘Four Faces of Insight’ Model). In this final segment of the programme, participants will learn three simple processes that help their coachee or coaching teams mine for their goals and actions, generate dialogues for insights and learning, and create conversations for innovative breakthroughs.

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