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Career Derailment Profile

Eight Drivers that Derail Careers
Our career may be progressing smoothly with our career goals largely achieved and our future career prospects remain bright. However, this is not a guarantee that we are forever successful at our workplace and in our work life. We may be hit by a snag that slows down or even halt advancement entirely.

Sometimes, we become aware of these when we saw our peers progressing ahead of us but we do not know the way out of the situation. At other times, we only know we are unhappy and stressed by events that we feel we have no control over but yet we are never able to pinpoint accurately the source behind these. When you are afflicted by these experiences, it means your career may have been derailed and you need to know how to put it back on track.

This profile highlights the drivers that may help explain the challenges you may be facing with the growth and development of your career. This could be used as a early warning device informing you of your propensity for derailment. Each driver is coded to provide you with a colour indication of the likelihood of you being derailed in your career and the drivers behind this propensity. It could also used to highlight the prevailing reasons for the slowing down or halting in your career progression.

The eight drivers and Slideshare that derail careers are presented below:

Skill Fit

Talks about the fit between the skills we process and the skills required to complete the tasks in the job.


Refers to the quality of the discourse you engaged with others prior to reaching a decision.


Indicates the frequency your network informs you of the developments that are taking place in your organisation.

Style Fit

Points to the fit between your personal style at work with those of your supervisors, peers and subordinates. Style at work is formulated by the way you relate to other, use information, reach your decisions, and organise yourself.


Shows how reputable and well-known you are amongst your superiors, peers and subordinates in terms of your ability to get things done and the value you created for your organisation.


Tells about the quality of your relationships you have wlth your superiors, colleagues, and peers.

Job Choice

Informs you if your job and the experience it provides bring you a step closer in realising your personal aspirations

Balanced Life

States the level of integration you have achieved between your work and your personal life.

This article was 1st written on 19 May 2009 and updated on 17 Aug 2010.
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