Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Tricks of Innovation - Let's SCAMPER!

Once, I did a workshop on creativity and in that workshop I presented a deck of cards to help the participants come up with creative ideas. I distributed 52 cards that morning and towards the evening only 51 cards came back to me.

I shared this with a classmate of mine later in the week and that conversation made me realise that there was a possibility that I could have left the classroom with only 40 cards instead.

I am not saying that the participants were dishonest. I am saying that there is a need. This has led me to create 'The Tricks of Innovation'.
I showed these to my classmate and she said: 'Don't they look familiar?'

'Yes, they do but the techniques for using them are different, and this is just one of a set of five different card sets', I quipped. 'Let me show you', and I pulled a card from the 'Put to Other Use' pile of the deck.

In 'Put to Other Use', there a card asking if 'there is other use for the product or service if modified?

Actually, some shops have been selling this bag clip that looks awefully like an ordinary paper clip.

'So, there is no point taking a card?', she quizzed.

'No, participants should take the whole box', I replied.

She pushed: 'But isn't that very obvious?'

'That's the whole point. Once the tricks are demystified, why not buy one box?' I said.

'Okay. Give me a box', she requested.

'I can't. You have to know how to use the cards to get what you want. You use them wrongly, you get devastating results. I can't be irresponsible. But you can follow the slides below to get a feel of what basic SCAMPER is all about', I informed.
I looked at her and added: 'Come join us at 'The Tricks of Innovation' Workshop tomorrow and get an appreciation of what the Let's SCAMPERTM cards can do for you, and for their correct and advanced application'.

'I see you tomorrow', she called out as we left the cafe.

This article was first written on 18 April 2007 and subsequently updated on 22 September 2008 and 29 September 2011.

Copyright 2007, 2008 & 2011. Anthony Mok. All rights reserved.

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